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I. On the ILO and human rights

Books and chapters

The International Labor Organization: The International Standards System and Basic Human Rights, Westview/HarperCollins, 1995 (with Bartolomei and von Potobsky)

International Labour Law, in Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Industrialised Market Economies, Xth edition, ed. Blanpain, Wolters Kluwer, 2010

(See also earlier editions.)

Adoption of Standards by the International Labour Organization: Lessons and Limitations, in Human Rights Standards: Learning from Experience, International Council on Human Rights Policy, 2006

Paper accessible at http://www.ichrp.org/en/projects/120

International Labour Organization (ILO) Standards and Human Rights, in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Fifty Years and Beyond, ed. Danieli, Stamatopoulou and Dias (Baywood, New York, 1999)

Human Rights Complaints Procedures of the International Labor Organization, in Guide to International Human Rights Practice (3rd ed.), ed. H. Hannum (Transnational, New York, 1999) (also in earlier editions)

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO Standards: A comparative analysis on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Declaration's adoption, ILO, 1998 (2nd edition 2001)

International Labour Standards, in Human Rights: International Protection, Monitoring, Enforcement, ed. Janusz Symonides. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, 2004

Complaint Procedures of the International Labour Organisation, in Human Rights: the International Petition System, ed. M. E. Tardu (Oceana, New York, 1985)

Contribution of the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work to the Elimination of Child Labour, in Child Labour in a Globalized World: A Legal Analysis of ILO Action, ed. Nesli, Nagler and Pertile, Ashgate, England, 2008

The International Labour Organization and Human Rights, in International Protection of Human Rights: A Textbook, Krause and Scheinen ed., Institute for Human Rights, Abo Akademi (Finland), 2009.

International Labour Organization, in Encyclopedia of Human Rights, Forsythe ed., Oxford University Press, New York, 2009

The International Labour Organization and the Quest for Social Justice, 1919-2009: An intellectual history of the ILO , with Rodgers, Lee and Van Daele, International Labour Office, Geneva, 2009


Human rights law and freedom of association: Development through ILO supervision, International Labour Review, Vol. 137, No. 2 (1998), Special Issue: Labour rights, Human rights.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child and the ILO, Nordic Journal of International Law, Vols. 61/62, 1992-1993

Child Labour: Its Regulation by ILO Standards and National Legislation, International Labour Review, Vol. 121, No. 5 (1982)

Remuneration and International Labour Standards, in Bulletin 19 of the International Encyclopaedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations, 1990 (with G. Starr)

II. Indigenous and Tribal Peoples

The Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Contribution by Erica Irene Daes, with G. Alfredsson, in Justice pending: indigenous people and other good causes, Kluwer, 2002

The Indian in Latin America: Approaches to Administration, Integration and Protection, in Buffalo Law Review, vol. 27, No. 4, Fall 1978

International Labour Standards and the Protection of the Land Rights of Indigenous and Tribal Populations (with Roger Plant), International Labour Review, Vol. 124, No.1 (1985)

Indigenous and tribal populations: A return to centre stage, International Labour Review, Vol. 126, No. 4 (1987)

A New Step in the International Law on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples: ILO Convention No. 169 of 1989, in Oklahoma City University Law Review, Vol. 15, No. 3, Fall 1990.

The Adoption of the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989 (No. 169), in Law and Anthropology: Internationales Jahrbuch für Rechtsanthropologie, vol 5, 1990

The ILO and Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, in L. van de Fliert, Indigenous Peoples and International Organizations, with Manuela Tomei (Spokesman, Nottingham, 1994).

A Guide to ILO Convention No. 169, with Manuela Tomei (ILO, Geneva, 1995)

Protection of Vulnerable Groups by the International Labour Organisation, in The Living Law of Nations, ed. Alfredsson & Macalister-Smith (Engel, Kehl, 1996)

The ILO Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention (No.169): Eight Years After Adoption, in C.P. Cohen (ed.), Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Transnational Publishers, New York, 1998

Latin American approaches to the 'Indian Problem', International Labour Review, No. 117 (1978)

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